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Employers that are tired of the double digit percentage increases for their Health Insurance and Employee Benefits, need to find a broker that has a strategy.  A strategy that will allow the employer to not only save money, but be able to forecast their benefits budget on THEIR terms, and have more control of their Benefit Investments.

Employee Benefit Strategies is what we specialize in.  I’ve built our business on finding employers that had brokers that only showed up at renewal and did NOT provide a solution to the rising cost of Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.  Why?…..because I end up taking it away from them.  When you have a broker that only helps you complain about the constant price increases and does nothing about it, they end up losing their account.  Strategy is the name of the game, and if you have a workable solution….you are worth GOLD!!  Employee Benefits are only going to increase in price….they’re NOT going to go down!

At Brauer Insurance, our strategy is fairly simple, and any business can use it.  Small, medium or large companies are wildly successful with it.  The biggest compliment I’ve ever received in my insurance life, came from a CEO of a larger company that I was giving a presentation.  About halfway into explaining my “strategy”, the CEO and the HR Director looked rather bored.  You could almost hear him thinking, “oh man….another Employee Benefit presentation”.  Then suddenly the “light” went on with the CEO.  You could see it in his face….he understood what I was saying and explaining.  He turned to his HR Director and said “why hasn’t OUR broker showed us this?”  The HR Director looked a bit befuddled and really didn’t have an answer for him.  When the CEO looked at me, I calmly said, “you should probably ask him” (referring to the other broker.)

One week later, I took over the account.  Why?, because the other broker was used to BUSINESS AS USUAL!

At Brauer Insurance, we help businesses strategize the “financing” of their employees healthcare.  Affordable benefits are out there…..you just need to know where to look!!

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