Employee Benefits for small companies, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, CA

There are many ways to go about obtaining Employee Benefits for your Small Company in San Jose or San Francisco. Using an agent or broker is definitely the best way to go….our services are absolutely free. You pay the same as if you went “direct” to the insurance company to purchase products. Using an INDEPENDENT broker to obtain Employee Benefits for your small company can be a wise move too. Having an “independent” broker allows that agent to work for you, and not for an insurance company. Brauer Insurance believes that not all Employee Benefits for small companies are created equal…..if your broker is not providing you an actual strategy for your Small Company Employee Benefits, maybe you should ask them why not.

San Jose Employee Benefits for small companies are typically the second most costly line item for small companies. That is why Brauer Insurance believes that having a “financial plan” or strategy for your Employee Benefits can not only save you money, but create a better Employee Benefit package for your employees. Using our strategy can mitigate much of the cost of Small Business Employee Benefits and improve your coverage, in most cases.

Brauer Insurance is an Independent, NO FEE, family owned insurance agency utilizing a proprietary method or strategy to help small businesses with their Employee Benefits. What you’ll find is that most agents do not specialize in Health Insurance or Employee Benefits for Small Businesses. Instead, they are a “jack of all trades” and provide many lines of insurance, never becoming an expert at any of them.

Small Business Employee Benefits and Health Insurance is absolutely a specialty. There is NO way anyone can keep abreast of all the changes and ObamaCare laws regarding Employee Benefits AND try and provide other insurance…..there’s simply too much material to absorb and keep current. Whether you use a specialist or a “general practitioner” you will not pay anything different…but your level of expert advice will suffer.

As a retired Detective Sergeant, I’m skeptical of most things….if I were you, I’d be skeptical of our “strategy” too. Most of our clients BECAME our clients after having that skepticism and then realizing that there IS a better way to administer Small Business Employee Benefits.

Steve Brauer-Principal/Broker, Brauer Insurance Services LLC (408) 421-5555

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