Start up business insurance, Employee Benefits for Start Ups, San Francisco, San Jose, Bay Area, CA

If you are thinking about, or have begun a Start Up business, there are some things you need to get in order in case issues arise. My advice….align yourself with a company that will help you with the process. If you are still searching, check out If you are launching a company, need help with trademark and brand strategy, or general counsel, Bedrock is a perfect fit. Leila is a rock star and has helped countless companies with their journey. She is a passionate, energetic, and creative attorney that doesn’t fit the typical “attorney” mould.

Start up business insurance can be tricky too, especially Employee Benefits for Start Ups.  You have many choices and ways to strategize Employee Benfits for Start Ups.  Start up Business Insurance for Start Ups in San Francisco and San Jose do NOT have you cost you a fortune!  They really don’t.  Brauer Insurance specializes in Employee Benefits for Start Ups in San Francisco and San Jose or anywhere in the Bay Area.  The strategy usually saves companies not only a ton of money, but the employees get a BETTER plan for less money.  When I began our company back in 2003, I really should have consulted with an attorney that I trust.  That would be my first advice to an entrepreneur starting the journey.

Getting started with a Start Up, you really need to consult an attorney that specializes in Start Ups.  Here is an excerpt from the bedrock website:


Doing anything contains at least some risk. But great entrepreneurship and leadership requires the ability to judiciously mitigate that risk and manage it. Our team of business, IP, and corporate lawyers are ready to help you protect your IP and develop sound business processes and contract documents so that you can focus on product development and growth.

Seriously….check her out, she’s fantastic.

Now…..Business Insurance for a Start Up can be VERY confusing and time consuming.  I always tells entrepreneurs that ask me about Business Insurance and Employee Benefits for Start Ups to find an Independent Insurance broker that you can trust.  They will have your best interests at heart.  The best of both worlds is if you find an Independent Broker that SPECIALIZES in Employee Benefits and Business Insurance for Start Ups.  What most business owners find is that the brokers that try to do all different types of insurance, never become experts and anything!  Our services are free for Start Ups anyway…..why not get the best bang for your buck.  I like to use this analogy:  If you had a heart condition, would you go to a General Practitioner or a Cardiologist….of course you would!  Same goes for Insurance Brokers.

Brauer Insurance Services has teamed up with Leila Banijamali and Bedrock to provide expertise with Business Insurance and Business Counsel for Start Ups.  We are both experts in our field.  The biggest difference…….her schooling just took a heck of a lot longer than mine!

Steve Brauer-Principal/Broker,  Brauer Insurance Services LLC….(408) 421-5555

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