Going direct through Kaiser in San Jose, CA

If you are an employer in San Jose, CA and you have Kaiser benefits for your employees, are you going directly through Kaiser without a broker, or are you using one?  Groups normally fall into one of three categories which I will talk about below.

First Category:  We have a broker and they take great care of me.
This is the kind of group that we keep in contact with on a once a year basis.  We want to make sure that their brokers are doing their jobs year after year– not just the first year they write the policy.  When a small business in San Jose writes their Kaiser policy, they want to make sure that they are getting the best care through Kaiser!  If employees feel like they are left in the dark as to what is covered or they ask questions that don’t get answered, we want to know.

Second Category: We have a broker, but we only ever see them at renewal.
This is the kind of group that we love.  At Brauer Insurance Services in San Jose, CA, we would love to manage your employee benefits through Kaiser.  We work with so many companies and employers who aren’t happy with their brokers and we make that change for them.  Kaiser has some great benefits to tap into and if you know the right way to go about it, they don’t have to be super expensive!  There are ways to take some of the burden off of your employees and we can help with all of that.  In San Jose, Kaiser has a great medical facility that so many of our groups use.  If you are this type of company, give us a call– we would love to come out and meet you at your convenience.

Third Category: We go directly through Kaiser without a broker.
This is almost a slam-dunk group, unless they are just way too paranoid to make any changes to their medical benefits through Kaiser.  If a small business in San Jose, CA does not have a broker, all you have to do is sign a piece of paper saying that you would like us to take over that burden for you!  Medical insurance is a large liability to hold if you’re just trying to do it yourself.  We have Errors & Omissions insurance in case anything happens to us– do you have all of the correct insurances in place to protect you if you forget to send out some COBRA paperwork?  Or a letter stating they have time to change their plan through open enrollment? Let us take that liability.  We have a ton of San Jose businesses that will vouch for our awesome work!

Let us know if we can help you today.

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