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Group Health Insurance does NOT have to cost your business a fortune!  It really doesn’t…..IF you have a good Benefits Strategy.  At Brauer Insurance, our clients tell us that they appreciate our forward thinking, proactive strategy.  Employee Benefits and Health Insurance are the 2nd biggest expense for a business, right behind payroll.  We believe in helping companies “finance” their Employee Benefits and healthcare.  Any broker can throw plans at you each year and help you complain about the high cost of Health Insurance…..what are they doing to help you??  Probably not much.

At Brauer Insurance, we help you strategize your Group Health Insurance.  It sounds overly simple, and once you actually see the strategy, you’re gonna be wondering why it hasn’t been shown to you before.  One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever gotten in my professional life, happened when the CEO of a large manufacturing company along with his HR Director, were sitting in one of my presentations.  As exciting as I am….they were looking like they were going to fall asleep.  I was showing them some strategies that other companies have found useful when all of a sudden the CEO opened his eyes, sat up in his chair….the “light bulb” went on.  It suddenly made sense to him.  He looked at his HR director and said “why hasn’t OUR broker showed us this?”.  The HR director looked befuddled and looked at me.  My response maybe you should ask him!”

2 days later, they signed over their account to me.

Group Health Insurance can not only be affordable, but can be much more comprehensive than you may think.  Some plans start at under $200 a month and they all include maternity.  Employee Benefits is a good way to attract and retain good people.  As the economy continues to increase, people will be looking even harder at what benefits are being offered, in addition to the salary.

Again…..Employee Benefits DO NOT have to cost a fortune.  Let my daughters and I help you strategize your Business Health Insurance.  You will be shocked at the savings you can realize.  AND…your employees will appreciate it too!

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