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Health Insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune.  There are tons of plans out there that are not only affordable but comprehensive.  You pay the same price as “going direct” to the insurance company, but with us, you get your own Independent Agent that SPECIALIZES in Health Insurance.  The broker’s commission is “built into the cost of the insurance”.  If you go direct, the insurance company keeps the commission and you have to deal with some idiot at their 800 number when you have an issue.

Let my daughters and I help you navigate the dysfunctional health insurance waters.  I’m a retired Police Sergeant from Santa Clara……so I’m used to dealing with problems that arise.  My website is  You can either get your own quote, or let me send you a personalized quote.  There are almost 100 plans to chose from, but usually there are only about 15 plans that people choose, that are affordable and comprehensive.

Health Insurance falls into two categories, both of which have deductibles.  One set of plans have SOME benefit up front, meaning they have office visits at a small copay, and prescriptions at another copay (after a prescription deductible).  The other kind of plan has the same type of deductibles, but you have to pay EVERYTHING up to the deductible before you realize any actual benefit.  These plans are cheaper, obviously.  The plans are priced like auto insurance…..the higher deductible you’re comfortable with, the cheaper the price.

I always recommend a mid-range deductible….too high is too much risk.  Too low, and your monthly payment is too expensive.  Neither is good, in my opinion.  A 20-something person can get a good plan for about $100 or so.

Health Insurance is a “necessary evil”.  What that means is that if you have any tangible assets, you HAVE to have some form of coverage.  To go without is simply foolish.  Even if you go with the super high deductible, if you have something major happen to you, you will not go broke.  Even someone in their 40’s or 50’s can purchase something with catastrophic coverage for $200-$300 a month.  A small price to pay if you end up with a serious medical condition.

Call us, we are NOT your typical pushy, sleazy, white shoes sales people.  If you want to buy insurance from us, great!  If not, that’s OK too…..really!

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