Having a online platform for Employee Benefit enrollment and management is critical

#Employers and even most Group Benefit Brokers, are not sure where to turn to bring their business into the 21st century.  The insurance industry, especially the Group Benefits insurance, has been stuck in the 1990’s, in terms of technology.  There have been very few solutions that are user friendly, with the functionality that Group Health Insurance brokers need.  We have been fortunate enough buy into a system that helps Brauer Insurance and all of our Group Health clients.  When you are working with a CFO or HR Director, most of them want to have an easy way to track employees, find out what Employee Benefits they are offering, and onboard new employees.

Onboarding employees with technology that is user friendly to both the company and its employees

You would think that there would be tons of technology out there to address fairly simple needs of being able to enroll employees, have them pick their plans, compare pricing, and track their progress.  Well, it must be much harder than anyone thinks, because up until now, there really was not a solution.  Once we found the #EaseCentral platform, it has made things much easier.  Luckily I have my millennial daughter that grew up with technology.  She has embraced not only the concept, but this specific platform.  For the groups that see the value, its been fantastic.  We have many more groups, even larger ones, that still prefer the paper applications and interaction, which is fine with us.  Slow integration into technology like this, is a good thing

People and companies, are slow to change, which is not a bad thing

Like I said, we have tons of groups that still prefer to #onboard and manage employee’s #benefits the old fashioned way.  Some even want us to meet with groups of the new employees, explain the benefits and have them enroll directly with us.  Happy to do it.  Technology is not something you can force onto anyone.  They have to see the value and adopt the change gradually.  As a Group Health Benefits Broker, you have to be versatile enough to be able to handle both styles…..even if you know that the technology platform is the most functional and optimum way to conduct business

Brauer Insurance protects and serves Group Health Insurance clients with not only technology, but Employee Benefit strategies to drive down healthcare costs.  www.brauerinsurance.com  (877) 421-4325

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