Health Reform and small companies, San Jose, Milpitas, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, CA

Health Reform has already affected small companies in San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto and all over California. If you have under 50 employees, your “compliance” requirements are much less than the over 50 employers. If you’re concerned about Health Reform and you own a small company, your broker should have already supplied you with not only the information about ObamaCare and Health Reform for Small Businesses, but the specific compliance paperwork related to your company. The Health Reform laws are very specific. When an employee comes to the boss or the HR person and asks about the specific health plan that the company offers, by law, the employer has to have that information on hand to distribute to the employee. At Brauer Insurance, we provide employers with an ObamaCare binder that has all the pertinent paperwork tailored to that employer.

Health Reform is confusing. Very confusing. When you have a broker that does not specialize in Health Insurance and tries to become an expert at everything, you end up not being an expert at anything. There are so many types of insurance that unless you specialize, there are simply not enough hours in the day to stay current. It’s even worse with Health Reform and small companies. Health Reform is changing, literally weekly. Even with the Health Reform certification that we have, the landscape continues to change and we are constantly having to update ourselves and retool our knowledge base. Small companies in San Jose and the surrounding areas have a ton of choices when it comes to working with a broker. You can go to a “big box” broker that have 100+ agents, and become one of their thousands of clients, or you can hire an Independent agency that not only values the relationship, but SPECIALIZES in Health Reform for small and medium sized companies. Brauer Insurance is a family owned and operated, Independent, No Fee agency that helps companies to take a more progressive look at their Employee Benefit offerings. We believe in more of a “financial plan” mindset when it comes to the second most costly expense for a small company.

There ARE strategies that help bend the cost curve and mitigate much of the expense of Employee Benefit and specifically Health Insurance. Most of our clients BECAME our clients when they understood the methodology and how we’ve helped Small and Medium sized companies become wildly successful with our strategy.

Helping Small companies with Health Reform and helping those companies navigate the unsettled waters ahead is what we do….it’s ALL we do.
Steve Brauer-Principle Broker, Brauer Insurance Services, (408) 421-5555

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