Medicare at 55? What would that look like, who would pay for it? Tens of millions more on Federal System

Late in 2017 there was proposed legislation in the Senate to allow people between the ages of 55 and 64 to “buy into” the Medicare program.  This would allow people to access the #Medicare hospital, medical services and prescription drug benefits.  On the surface it sounds interesting, until someone asks how we are going to pay for having tens of millions more on the Federal books.  However you want to phrase it, Socialized medicine, Universal Health Care, it all sounds great, until you break down the numbers.

If you think Health Insurance is expensive now, wait until its free!

No easy answers here.  I always laugh when someone from another country tells me that the healthcare system is so great in their country, “why can’t the US figure it out”, they ask me.  My answer to that….you get what you pay for!  When you break down the cost of all of these great healthcare systems that people crow about in other countries and try to apply it to the US, it ends up being WAY more expensive than the system we have now.  This issue has been examined from all angles and there is no easy way to solve it, and too many problems to point to just one issue to solve.  One thing is certain.  Until we can reign in the COST of #HealthCare, the cost of the insurance will continue to go up.

Feinstein vs. De Leon for Senate and their views on HealthCare

Well…both of them are liberal, De Leon is seen as an ultra liberal and believes a #SinglePayer or Medicare for all, is the only way to solve the health care issues in America.  Feinstein is a bit more tempered.  She supports #ObamaCare and supports a Medicare-based public insurance option for individuals and employers.  She believes this would increase competition and choice in the #employer marketplace and drive down costs.

One thing is certain….if this was an easy problem, we would have solved it a long time ago.

Steve Brauer is the Principal of Brauer Insurance Services, an Independent Insurance Agency that specializes in Employer Based Health Insurance plans.  As a ACA expert and speaker, Steve is one of the go-to people in the Bay Area insurance industry.  (877) 421-4325

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