San Jose, CA Health Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

If you are a nonprofit organization looking for some great, affordable benefits for your employees, we are the brokers to help you!  All of our non-profit organizations have great benefits because they know it’s important.

If you own or run a nonprofit and are looking to find health insurance, give us a call.   Start 2013 off right with a great new plan and benefits!  If you are not ready for any health insurance, you can look into very affordable dental plans or vision plans.  Studies have shown that the one thing employees love besides medical are the dental and vision benefits.  They are much less expensive than medical so many times the employer will pick them up completely.

In San Jose, CA there are a lot of nonprofit organizations that run very successfully.  There are some great benefits to having a health plan with your nonprofit that we can explain to you over the phone!  We know that times are tough right now in our economy.  So many people are either downsizing or getting rid of their benefits altogether!  It doesn’t need to be like that.   Great benefits sometimes trumps wages for certain employees.  We have heard before that if an employee receives great health insurance benefits, they are more than likely going to stick with that company because of those benefits.

If you are looking to get some great plans for your church, or other nonprofit organization in San Jose, CA, please give us a call!  We would love to assist you and help you come up with the best possible health benefit structure for your company.  We offer a ton of free services that a lot of under-staffed, over-worked nonprofits really benefit from.

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