Bonnie: Brokers are Free.

A broker’s commission is usually anywhere between 3-10% of what the premium is per month.  Depending on the size of the group, and the coverage, that’s a pretty fair statement.  When writing small group business the typical commission is 7%.

I don’t consider myself a sales person.  I will never push a product on anyone unless I know for a FACT that it is a good product.  One thing I LOVE about being a broker is that the fees are already built into the plans.  When looking into small group health insurance for your company, or individual insurance for yourself or your family, having a broker doesn’t cost you anything.  The California carriers (Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Kaiser, SeeChange) all have the broker fees built into every plan premium.  Those broker fees cannot be removed.  This means that whether you go direct to a carrier in California, or whether you get a broker, the fees are the same!

A lot of people think that our agency charges a fee when in reality, Brauer Insurance Services is not only free of charge, we offer so many other benefits for your HR personnel, employees and employer.

We are located in San Jose, California and serve small groups all over California from Nor-Cal all the way to San Diego.  Writing small group employee benefits is what we do best.  Whether it be husband/wife groups or 49-person groups, we are personal in our service to each one.

When considering an individual/family plan or small group health benefits in California, look no further than Brauer Insurance Services.  We would love to protect and serve you– for free!