CA next governor and Single Payer concept, no one can agree…sound familiar?

The next CA Governor will have to wrestle with California’s $400 BILLION health care industry.  How to fix it, how to deal with it.  #SinglePayer is still being tossed around as an idea to solve the problem.  How do we cover the remaining 3 million CA residents that are not covered now.  How about the 1.8 illegal immigrants?  No easy answers, and very few of the gubernatorial candidates have any specifics on how to implement their ideas.

1 in 5 Californians are considered “under insured”

When someone has a super high deductible that can not afford to cover that deductible, they are considered #UnderInsured.  About 20% of the population of CA that ARE insured, have such high deductibles.  If something major happens to those people, they could not cover the cost of the deductible.  That’s a problem.  There are even #StartUp companies now that will cover an employee’s deductible, in the form of a 0% interest loan.  Kind of an interesting concept.  I’m not sure single payer would solve this problem or exacerbate it.  The argument from the opposition is that hey, the government can’t run the DMV or the Post Office with any success…do we want them controlling one of the largest industries in the country?

Opponents bullet points against Single Payer

Republican opponents to Single Payer liken the concept to Socialized Medicine, and I have to agree with much of that.  I hear from so many people about how great it is in other countries like Canada and the UK, with their healthcare, and why can’t the US get it right.  Not so fast….if they are so great, why are so many of them coming to America to get procedures done here?  I’m betting that they either had a HUGE wait for the procedure, the services are inferior, or was simply not available.  The old addage of “you get what you pay for” and “if you think its expensive now, just wait until its free” ring true more times that not!

Brauer Insurance is on the cutting edge of the #ACA and all of the #SinglePayer issues that arise in CA.  We ONLY do #EmployeeBenefits for companies and help strategize Group Health Plans for companies with under 100 employees.  (877) 421-4325

Steve Brauer-Principal/Broker

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