Health Insurance for your company does not have to break the bank, San Jose, Bay Area, CA

Attract and Retain employees with #EmployeeBenefits that have value, but not necessarily super expensive

If you are a business owner looking to protect your employees with #EmployeeBenefits and #healthinsurance, there are many ways to do that, without making you go broke.  #SmallBiz can offer #GroupBenefits for much less than they think.  There are many #strategies that you can use to mitigate much of the cost, while still protecting employees.  We’ve received tons of calls since January from employers looking to attract and retain good employees with either #Dentalinsurance #VSP or some sort of #HealthCoverage.  Employers are only required to contribute 50% of the single employee premium….so we’re talking, roughly $150 or so a month.

#AncillaryBenefits are a great way to help employees, and are very cheap!

When we talk about #AncillaryBenefits, I mean #ColonialLife #Aflac and similar type products.  Many of these products can under fund, or help to “insure the deductible” (as I say) on many plans.  There is a strategy to this, where employees AND employers see the value in pairing #HealthBenefits together.  Some of these products can be as cheap as $20 a month or so.

Finding a broker that specializes in #GroupBenefits is not easy

There are brokers all over that can “sell” you some Group Benefit plans.  Honestly, a monkey could do that.  The value in having someone that specializes in #EmployeeBenefits is that you get a professional that ONLY handles that type of crazy, dysfunctional, #insurance.  Group Health Insurance is a specialty product and has many nuances.  Making very slight changes in benefit packages can save employers thousands a month or year.  Do your Due Diligence….stalk the broker (virutally)  that you are considering using for your company.  Do they specialize in Group Benefits, or is it just ONE of their offerings.

#BrauerInsurance if the Bay Area leader in #GroupBenefits and #HealthInsurance for companies under 100 employees.  Call us…talk to me or my daughter Bonnie.  We will give you candid advice with NO expectation of doing business.

Steve Brauer-Founder/Principal


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