Kaiser Insurance for your business can be affordable

If you are searching for affordable #HealthInsurance  or #EmployeeBenefits for your business, #Kaiser may be the way to go.  Kaiser offers 17 different plans and even a #PPO that out of state employees can use.  When we strategize #Business #Insurance plans for companies, Kaiser is usually the least expensive, by far. Kaiser is also very flexible when your company wants to offer other PPO carriers like #Anthem, #BlueCross #BlueShield, #UHC, and others.  The Kaiser PPO has a very robust network, all over the country, but its pricey.

Employee Benefits for out of state employees, #Kaiser PPO

When you offer a Kaiser Health Insurance plan to your employees, you can also offer one PPO plan as well.  Kaiser basically acts as the 3rd party administrator with the PPO, but has nothing to do with the network and is not associated with Kaiser at all.  Your business health insurance bill you receive each month from Kaiser will include any employees you have on that PPO plan.  #Kaiser basically “piggy backs” on that network for the benefit of their members.

Companies that have Kaiser and PPO employees, a cheaper alternative

When your employees are split on Kaiser and a PPO carrier, like Anthem, there is a much cheaper alternative to using the Kaiser PPO.  #CalChoice offers #AnthemBlueCross and Kaiser side by side, and has much better PPO pricing.  This type of Private #Exchange offering can be a real win for a #CFO, and gives the company the flexibility to offer many choices in the Kaiser/PPO arena.  Out of State employees have to enroll into the Anthem PPO, but the out of state #network is very robust.

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