Health Reform is hurting doctors, Health Reform is driving docs away from profession

Because of Health Reform, many doctors are LEAVING the profession and many more are not coming in….why??  The doctor’s reimbursement has shrunk, they don’t trust that if the government has anything to do with the delivery of healthcare, it will be a mess.  Over 50% of the doctors that say they are leaving or dropping to part time in the next few years is because of HEALTH REFORM.

There is already a drop in doctors that accept Medicare patients.  This is because of the payment they receive for services has dropped significantly SINCE Health Reform.  Reducing the doctor’s fees and what they receive for Medicare patients is what Obama has done to pay for SOME of the cost of ObamaCare.  Remember…this is only a PART of how they are paying for this.  Many other parts include new taxes, fees on small businesses, and….much higher health insurance rates.  Some of ObamaCare is good, don’t get me wrong, but the main thing they did NOT address is the cost of medical care…what it actually costs to perform a surgery, stay a day in the hospital, or do an MRI.  The COSTS are what’s killing everyone, the doctors, hospitals, and patients.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t agree that EVERYONE should be able to get healthcare…….or that checkups should be free, or women should get mammograms or men get colonoscopies free, health screens free.  Those things make sense.  The problem lies when you get politicians that are too tunnel vision about things, or make great sounding promises, neglecting to think a bit more fiscally in the process.

You may not know this, but California is moving ahead with Health Reform, no matter who is our next president.  We lead the nation in the preparation and implementation of Health Reform and Insurance Exchanges.  Even if they repealed ObamaCare right now, California would move ahead anyway…..we’re WAY ahead of any other state in that regard.

The staggering number is this….34% of All doctors say they will leave medicine altogether in the next decade, mostly because of ObamaCare and Health Reform.

At Brauer Insurance, we ARE the Health Reform experts, with over 100 hours of training on Health Reform and Health Exchanges already.

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