HR Directors to employers: Here is what employees want with their Employee Benefits

Whether you’re a Millennial or Baby Boomer, employees pretty much want the same thing from their employer; a good salary, good benefits, and a sense of belonging.  Lets dive into the Employee Benefit offering first.

Employee Benefits are vital, and sometimes a deal breaker for a potential new hire

Obviously the first Employee Benefit would be the compensation.  Is it in line with the industry, and other employers?  If yes, the conversation turns to the “Total Compensation”….meaning what else is being offered besides the money.  Employer Sponsored Healthcare is paramount.  Offering a Group Health Plan and Group Dental Plan is much more important than having a pool table or snacks in the lunchroom.  Finding the right mix of Employee Benefits is the job of the Benefits Broker.  A good broker can use bench-marking to help companies get, and stay competitive with the marketplace.  A robust Group Health Insurance plan, with a good network is valued by employees, much more than is known by most employers.

Work-Life balance, flexible time off, and a voice in the company

Employees in all industries, especially now, are looking for that employer that values the employee’s time.  Time on the job and time off.  When an employee feels that the company cares about them, the productivity and the morale increases substantially.  Almost to a person, the word “work-Life Balance” comes into the conversation.

Creative, Out of the Box Employee Benefits add to the offering

When a company offers a Group Health Plan that is tailored to the individual employee’s needs, it makes much more of an impact, and appreciated much more.  Instead of the company offering Health Insurance that is a “one size fits all”, companies have become creative in their offerings…such as Accident Plans, or Cancer Plans, by #Aflac.  Many companies even pay for a majority of these #VoluntaryBenefits.  Most times the Ancillary Benefits are very inexpensive

Being creative, and strategic about the Employee Benefits that you offer, can make all the difference in the world.


Steve Brauer-Principal, Brauer Insurance Services,,  (877) 421-4325

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