Kaiser Employee Benefits, San Jose, Santa Clara, Bay Area, CA

Kaiser Employee Benefits can be VERY affordable if you have a broker that specializes in Kaiser Employee Benefits and Kaiser Insurance.  Employee Benefits in the Bay Area are some of the most comprehensive in California.  Kaiser Group Health Insurance is chosen more frequently because of its great value.  There are Kaiser facilities all over California and more being built every year.  Kaiser Employee Benefits are our specialty.  We are recognized as one of Kaiser’s top producing agencies…why??  Because we ONLY do Employee Benefits and Health Insurance we “specialize” in Kaiser Employee Benefits and Kaiser Group Health Insurance.

With Brauer Insurance you get a SPECIALIST, not a General Practitioner.  If you had heart trouble, you would go to a cardiologist…..a “specialist”, not a GP.  I know its different, but the mindset is the same.  You can’t become an expert at Kaiser Group Benefits or Health Insurance if you are busy selling and advising people on other products….there are just not enough hours in the day to absorb all of the information out there.  So, agents end up being a “jack of all trades”, so to speak!

Brauer Insurance is a NO FEE, Independent, family owned Health Insurance agency.  We do Employee Benefits and Health Insurance for Individuals, Families, and Small and Medium sized companies all over California.  Whether you get your Employee Benefits policy direct from the insurance company, a “jack of all trades” agent, or an Independent broker, you pay the same price.  The rates are set by the State of CA…..you just pick who will provide a STRATEGY and help you when a claim goes haywire or they bill you wrong.

Even if it’s not Brauer Insurance, pick an independent broker that works for their clients….not one that’s beholden to a specific insurance company or is an “employee” of a super large Employee Benefits firm.  I guarantee you will NOT be able to contact them on a Friday night when you are in the ER and they’re telling you that you have not coverage…..I just fixed that problem for one of our employer groups last week.  All of our messages from the office, go straight to my cell phone.  I spoke to the ER clerk, resolved the issue and was an instant “hero” to my client.  That’s one of the many benefits that an Independent broker can provide.

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