Kaiser Group Health Plans, Kaiser Employee Benefits, Kaiser Health Insurance, San Jose, CA

Kaiser has some of the most affordable and comprehensive health plans on the market.  At Brauer Insurance we specialize in Kaiser Group Health plans and Kaiser insurance.  We have developed a progressive and forward thinking “strategy” that many of our employer groups have been wildly successful with.  The strategy involves a new way of looking at Health Insurance and having more of a financial plan mentality.  The strategy allow companies to have more control of their finances and the ability to fight the yearly increases that Kaiser and other health insurance companies like to pass on each year.

At Brauer Insurance we are the leaders in the Bay Area in terms of strategic planning for Employee Benefit administration.  We also offer many free services that help businesses become more compliance in the Human Resources arena, with a complete HR Compliance Center, Cobra Administration, a Behavioral Wellness plan (EAP), and yearly benefit statement, all at NO COST.  We make a great commission, at Brauer Insurance, we like to give a little back to our employer groups.

If you think you’re paying too much for your Kaiser Group Health Plans, or Kaiser Employee Benefits, or Kaiser Health Insurance, you probably ARE!  Folks, there are many ways to slow or sometimes reverse, the yearly increases that Kaiser Group Health Plans send you.  We are specialists with Employee Benefits and Group Health Insurance, whether its Kaiser Health Plans, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, etc.  I can give you many examples and testimonials of current clients that will rave about what we have done for them.  It takes about 30 minutes for me to explain the strategy and show you how you can not only save money, but usually get better Employee Benefits at the same time.

If your broker has a strategy and they review it with you quarterly, they are saving you tons of money, AND give your company tons of free added value services…..keep them!  If not, call us!!

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