Confused about ObamaCare, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Mountain View, CA

If you’re confused or misinformed about ObamaCare….you better align yourself with a Health Insurance broker that knows what they’re doing, pretty quick! I have spoken to ERISA attorneys that are giving out wrong information about Health Insurance plans and ObamaCare advice (ERISA is basically an Insurance specific lawyer) If you have a broker that doesn’t “specialize” in Health Insurance”, find one that does!! We work on the same commission structure. You won’t pay more for an expert or somebody “posing” as an expert.

ObamaCare compliance is confusing to say the least. If you’re confused about ObamaCare in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View or anywhere in CA, we can help. The biggest misinformation out there right now centers around who HAS to provide insurance and who does not. The employers with UNDER 50 full time (combined with full time “equivalent”) are not required to provide ANY type of ObamaCare insurance….BUT if they do provide it, they MUST meet the new requirements AND….the employer contribution will be going up. Employees cannot spend more than 9.5% of their gross wages for insurance on the cheapest single coverage plan in the array. Not sure what number that is exactly since we don’t really know the plan prices yet.

ObamaCare and Health Reform should NOT keep you up at night OR cost you a fortune. At Brauer Insurance, we are experts at Health Reform and the impact on employers and families. We are certified by the State of CA in ObamaCare and ObamaCare compliance. Like I said….our services are free, so you can hire a Specialist like Brauer Insurance, or a General Practitioner like most other insurance agents. The Heath Insurance Exchange, or Marketplace is another issue, but I would fill up another blog with just that info.

Brauer Insurance..some agencies offer ObamaCare advice….we SPECIALIZE in it!!

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