Trump still battling ObamaCare, no change in number of unisured with Trump at POTUS in 2017

According to the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, the first year of President Donald Trump has not affected the numbers of overall uninsured in America.  Census Bureau data information is that in 2017, the uninsured in America held firm at under 9%.  States that have expanded Medicaid (It’s MediCal in CA), have experienced a decrease in the uninsured rate.  Those states include California, New York, and even Louisiana.  Trump has also enacted a “work requirement” for Medicaid which may bump up the number of people that lose coverage.  Pretty sad when you have to force able bodied people to work.

With the Individual Mandate gone, Kaiser says that the uninsured numbers will most likely increase

Larry Levitt, a senior vice president with the Kaiser foundation believes that the number of people not enrolling into coverage will increase as a result of the ObamaCare “tax” or Individual Mandate being repealed.  At this point, approximately 28 million Americans in 2017 had no coverage, for whatever reason.  I will say, that if you don’t have the funds to pay for your coverage, the CA Health Exchange is VERY accommodating.  In the Bay Area, its especially difficult with the price of affordable housing and just the cost of living, you have earn at least $100,000 or more to make ends meet.

Group Health Insurance, still the most popular coverage in America, increased slightly in 2017

About 56 percent of Americans obtain their health insurance coverage through Group Health Plans offered at their work.  Group Insurance coverage is typically much better than Health Insurance you purchase on the internet.  The Group Health Insurance networks are typically better and more robust, and the coverage is usually broader.  Even better, the employer is required to help employees pay for part of the coverage, and employees many times, can elect to have what THEY pay, done on a pre-taxed basis, called a POP plan or Section 125 plan.

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